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Puppy Love

The Wolfpack welcomes Tuffy III, our newest live mascot.

Photograph courtesy of NC State Athletics.

By Caroline Barnhill ’05

NC State’s newest live mascot was introduced this summer to a chorus of coos. Tuffy III made his public debut on social media when he was four months old. He’s a Tamaskan — a mix of German shepherd, Alaskan malamute and Siberian husky, the third Tamaskan to serve as the Wolfpack’s live mascot. His predecessor, Tuffy II, died last spring of a canine heart disease. At five-and-a-half months old at the time of his first official appearance, Tuffy III is the youngest live mascot to grace the field at Carter-Finley Stadium.

NC State magazine sat down with Tuffy III to get answers to all your questions. Translated by his owners, Joe and Lisa Downey of New Bern, N.C.

Describe your personality in one word.

Name you respond to?

You were caught chewing something you shouldn’t . . .  what was it?
Anything on the kitchen counter.

Belly rubs or ear scratches?
Ear scratches.

Do you like noises like loud cheers?

Mr. or Ms. Wuf — do you have a favorite?
Ms. Wuf . . .  but don’t tell Mr. Wuf.

Do you attend events other than NC State football games?
Yes! You can find me at Packapalooza, Meet the Pack and other athletic events (when I’m not too busy).

What’s your daily routine?
Sleep . . .  eat . . .  then play, play, play!

Pre-game ritual to get you hyped for game day?
Listening to the NC State drumline.

You vs. Ramses in a 100-yard sprint. Who wins?
No contest. A wolf beats a sheep.

Favorite spot on campus?
The Belltower.

If you created a Howling Cow flavor, what would it be and what would you call it?
Tuffalicious — baked salmon and sweet-potato flavored.

If you could hang with another mascot, who would it be?
Tusk (University of Arkansas’ razorback) or Uga (University of Georgia’s bulldog).

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